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Point Wish Token is an
Amazing Social Trading

Suitable For Everey Tokens and Coins
Of Binance

Media Partners

What is Point Wish Token Platform?

It is a bot trdaing platform which can be used with Binance exchange API and user can do trading on the exhcnage. Traders must have 20 PWT tokens in their wallet so bot can be active

Why Bot trading?

Crypto market is working round the clock without holidays,

Bot can do better trading then human in all the circumtances and has a good chance to book profit.

Algorithm, Indicators and Price based trdaing bot will be delivered best result for the traders.

Point Wish Token
is the game changer


Traders can use algorithm and set up to 25 different buying and selling point for single coins or tokens, they can also set different strategy for each coins or tokens

Key Benifits

Copy Trade
Buy-Sell strategy
Email Security
For every traders
Binance API
Trading with bot

Comparision with others

Traditional Cryptohopper PWT
Fees $10 $19 Free
Strategy 5 20 44
Copy trading No No Yes
Team trading reward No No Yes
Mobile apllication No Yes Yes

is a token sale?

A token sale, sometimes referred to as an IDO, is form of crowd funding for digital currency-related projects. In token sales, purch - asers buy units of a new currency in exchange for legal tender or other digital currencies, such as BNB.

Token Distribution

  • 50% IDO supporters
  • 20% Team members
  • 15% Marketing
  • 10% Advisors
  • 05% Bounty Fund

Token Fund Usage

  • 40% Platform development
  • 25% Sales & marketing
  • 20% Operational costs
  • 10% Legal expenses
  • 05% Strategy development

Bounty Fund Distribution (5% of the total)

  • 25% Twitter bounty campaing
  • 25% Telegram bounty campaing
  • 20% Facebook bounty campaing
  • 15% Membership bounty campaing
  • 10% Authors bounty campaing
  • 05% Reserve


We have big plans for the future of Request.
Launch of the project
BOT 2.0 with additional features
3 new exchanges for trading
BTC trading pair will be added
15 new exchanges for trading
PWT will be on one of the top 25 exchange
Bot will be work with DEX
Payment Gateway system will be announced
ALFA version of the Blockchain
Multichain NFT platform
Online e-commerce platform
Major partnerships in blockchain industry

Meet Our Team

Lasse Clausen

Founder & CEO

George Alexiev

Senior Developer

Oscar Machado


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Point Wish bot ?

Point Wish Bot is a trading bot which is working with Binance and do trading 24x7 for the traders. Coins or Tokens can be slected by the traders along with self made strategy.

What is bot activation fees ?

We are not chargeing any yearly or mmonthly fees to activate bot but users must have 20 PWT tokens in their account to start trading on our platform.

How can I share my stratagy with other users ?

Copy trade function will help you in that and to become an "Expert" trader must have 100 trades on the platform using Point Wish Bot. Anyone can sell thir strategy on our platform.

How to secure my account ?

We are providing 2FA security for all of our users and anyone can activate "Email Verification" to secure their account with the system.

How it can work for me ?

Point Wish Bot is a algorithm based trading bot who will do trading on Binance exchange 24x7, user can set up to 20 unique buy and sell points for each coins or tokens.

How to earn maximum profit ?

Trades can do trading as per their skill and knowledge or they can follow "Expert" traders and copy their trading stratgey to earn more. Also professional; traders can earn extra with selling their strategy.

What is team trading reward ?

Any users who invite other users on our platform will join under affiliate programe. User will get trdaing profit % from the all user who join under him/her.

How much team trdaing reward a user can earn ?

User can earn from 4% to 16% as per their team size more users will bring more profit.

How can I join others under my team ?

Users have touse their sponserid at the time of signup to add others as a team.